Field Notes: Words – Der Taggesspiegel


German is always a fun language and luckily it’s very closely related to English. The headlines used are short, usually no more than 4 words and get the general idea of the article across. There is a solid use of decks throughout, although not always.

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Pull Quotes

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The pull quotes throughout the paper are typically just weighted bold. They can be placed in the text of an entire column, a half column (as seen here), or even emptying an entire column and devoting the entire space to the pull quote. They never have attribution and there is no graphic element, other than size and weight, to distinguish them.

  • Cutlines and captions.

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Each of the captions comes with a short description and a reference to what the piece is (photo, infographic, etc.)

Bylines and credit lines.

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Der Taggesspiegel uses the full name, in bigger articles it is places at the beginning in it’s own mini-section while smaller column stories place the byline at the end of the piece.

Promos and refers.

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It seems to be a running trend throughout the paper to be short and concise with every element. The promos are no different and here are the ones placed on the front page. I can’t help but want a little bit more from the paper in regards to graphic design and breaking out of the very traditional mold, although for them why fix what isn’t broke.

• Section/department names.

Absolutely straightforward with no embellishment. Each section is a single word entry.

Nick Schmiedicker