Words of Wisdom to Future Students

First of all, you all are extremely lucky. I haven’t seen Professor Strong in two days and I already miss her and my classmates. My biggest piece of advice would be to put a lot of thought in to the elements of the course that serve as homework, and are not directly related to working in InDesign on your actual publication.

For example, the Editorial Brief is important. But what is more important is to remember that it exists! You do it so early on. Tape it to the front of the folder you have for the class or something and remember that it is ok to make changes.

Also, have fun with the class material. I think the people that had the most fun with it and put their own personality in to their publications were the most successful. Who wants to read something written by someone stiff and not fun? If you put your positivity and passion in to what you are creating, it WILL show.

Also, GO TO PROFESSOR STRONG’S OFFICE HOURS! She is an incredible resource and you won’t have the luxury of meeting with her when you’re out in the real world to get advice and confirmation on your work.