You Only Live Once (book by Lonely Planet) – Images

The book is a heavily photo-based book with images in every single story and at least 1 image on every spread. While the color are consistently vibrant and strongly convey a sense of particular feeling, the photo’s mood and tone varied from one another based on its topic. In addition, the book also has illustrations for some stories to help visualize the idea.

Most photos are landscape. If there are human in them, they are mostly in action. For example, people running, sitting, watching, swimming or cars running shown below. But when it is only nature, they emphasize the grandeur of the place.

There are a few portrait photos and they are always come with short story next to them These portrait photos are often portrait due to the subject of the image does not require the horizontal spaces.


Furthermore, majority of the photos are shot on wide or medium angle. There are rarely close-up shot, an example of a close-up shot is the bird below.

There are also illustration for vary topics, from drinks, cars and maps to support or illustrate the story. The style is consistent throughout the book.

Overall, i think the book did a great job choosing images to support the story and also make each places or activity appealing for the audiences. They try to capture the action moments or the scenery that people would love to experience themselves.

Tanya Monthakarntivong