You Only Live Once (book by Lonely Planet) – Language

Just from the book title You Only Live Once suggests that this book will be about exploring the world, outgoing and fearless. The tagline is also simple and short. The word ‘us’ sets the tone that it’s a friendly book.

The language used overall are friendly, yet sophisticated. The book uses ‘we’ and ‘you’ to make the readers feel closer to the writer. The sentences are structured in a conversational mood and vocabulary used are not too hard to understand.

At the beginning of the book, the first phase is ‘Jump in.’ Just this phase alone makes the readers realize it’s going to be a fun and easy book to enjoy. The title are often 2-3 words, with a short sentence for the caption.

The chapter titles are short, easy to understand. They use time period to categorize their stories.

The story titles are often within 2-3 words but still manage to tell the readers what it will be about. The language are not too descriptive, but rather precise and make the flow not too long to get boring. In some cases, (Jaws reference in the example below)  the writer uses pop culture reference to make the story more diverse and relatable.


I really like how short and get-to-the-point attitude they have. But not only that, how they manage to use 2-3 words to capture the sense of the story and tell what it is going to be about. In addition, for a book which curated multiple stories, it is important to keep the readers entertained, so keeping it precise, sophisticated and fun is definitely the way this book should be and it did it very well.

Tanya Monthakarntivong