Hyrule Historia – Furniture

Like with the entirety of the book, the furniture in Hyrule Historia is different for each of the three major sections. Each section is marked by an entirely black page with the section title and some embellisments.

The third section with art is further divided, with the logo of the specific game the art is from in the top left.

Each page also has a thin frame around it, and brown rectangles that label each of the pictures. Most have a description of the subject in black.

Each page has the page number written on the outer corner, with a vertical line next to it. In the first section, there are often lines at the bottom to separate extra information with the rest of the page. There are also squares containing some of the images that are laid out. Aside from the black font captions that describe subjects, there are also some green text descriptions that are notes from the designer. Each new subject is signalled by its name in large black text.

The third section has furniture of lines that separate the information into the sidebar, as well as the two thicker colored lines on the side that give information on the timeline these events take place in. A rectangle is at the top of each page, containing the most significant event in that period of time.

At the bottom of some of the pages in this section are rectangles that hold extra information on the world that is relevant to the events above in the timeline.