A Designer’s Job

One thing that stood out to me on our first class was the idea of design being more successful when it is collaborative, with the designers sitting in the room with the writers, the photographers, the editors and so on. Design is an integral part of the publication process, since it fundamentally affects the whole user experience. So far, I have been designing things alone and I haven’t given much thought to what design is like with a whole team of people. I think it is quite important for the staff of a particular editorial to collaborate with a shared vision that is ultimately manifested through the design. If their tastes and visions don’t overlap, it becomes more prudent that the designer pulls it all together and makes sure that the publication has a somewhat cohesive feel. This just further emphasizes the importance of the designer’s role when it comes to branding and establishing a publication’s identity. I realize that I will need to think a lot about how to create a brand identity when I work on my magazine throughout the semester- though it will be easier to create cohesiveness since I am basically taking on all the staff roles. That won’t be the case out in the “real” world though.