Another Class, Another Lesson Learned

“Publication and design. Sounds like a perfect match” was the first thought I had when I saw this class was available for me to use my Newhouse elective credit.

While I didn’t have a complete understanding of what this class would entail, I assumed that I was well informed on what I had signed up for. However, the publication design students of last semester gave me a wake-up call and a big reminder of how the design process is so contingent on time and how you handle it.

The reflection that made me think the most was definitely student 7. What really caught my attention about this post was that it was structured like an article with the inclusion of captioned pictures and the numbered list. What really struck me was her first point of not using something just because it is pretty or cool. I think this something that I will definitely struggle with because I am always drawn to the same fonts and colors. Breaking out of that bubble will be a challenge for me in the course but I am sure that if I don’t broaden my taste it will severely limit the design potential of this prototype publication.

Another part that particularly hit me was the part where they said that you can always Command-Z your way out anything. So you shouldn’t be attached to your design as is and experimenting is key to elevating a good design to very good or excellent design.

All of the advice given by the former students really opened my eyes to what I have in store for me this semester am I am looking forward to wherever this journey leads me.


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