Articles pertaining to the harsh realities of Liberia

Hey everyone, I thought that it would be interesting if I posted some of the articles that I came across while researching Liberia. Many of them are mostly recent articles, some date back. They provided a little more in-depth information than I was able to provide during my presentation. I think that most of the headlines are self-explanatory as to what the article is about. Most of the articles focus on a social issue in Liberia, and I provided two websites speaking to its history.


Here is an article from the Los Angeles Times titled, “Firestone: Helping or hurting Liberians?” The article focuses on exactly what the title says, is Firestone helping the country?

Here is an article from Care2, which focuses on LGBT rights. The article, “Liberia’s Deadly Religious Campaign Against Gay Marriage,” discuses religious organizations in Liberia that are attacking homosexuals in the country.

“Liberian President Comes Under Attack Over Gay-Rights Stance”

Front Page Africa’s article, “Gay Pride: Liberian Homosexuals Say it is Tough Living in Liberia, Detail Difficulties.”

Global Post’s article titled, “No liberty for Liberian women as rapes continue.

NPR’s article, “Nobel Peace Prize goes to women striving for peace in Liberia and Yemen.

Global Post’s article, “A dangerous job: Fighting against female genital mutilation in Liberia.

Front Page Africa’s article, “Finally lighting Liberia: Mt. Coffee hydro plant to be completed by 2016 in US $65M Pact.

An interesting video and article about clean water in Liberia from PBS Newshour, titled, “Why clean safe water is still out of reach for Liberia.

PBS’ information on the history of Liberia: “The Lone Star: The Story of Liberia.

Here is a website titled, “Liberia: Past and Present of Africa’s oldest republic.

-Josh Austin

Josh Austin

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