Being Flexible is not just for Ballerinas

While reading the lessons previous students gained from this course, the words stretch and flexibility really stuck out to me. I realized that these two traits are important to have when taking this course because there will always be uncertainty when it comes to creativity and as a student you need to be able to handle it accordingly.

This is what I took away from the previous students’ posts.

Ballerina leaping, by Yitzhak Rodriguez- Unsplash.

Stretch Yourself. You need to stretch yourself creatively and be pushed outside of your comfort zone. Even though testing your limits can be intimidating it will help you grow as an creator.

Flexibility is Key. You need to have flexibility with the entire process of coming up with your project. Sometimes the things that your conceptualize will not look good, or will receive more constructive feedback than positive when it is actually presented on paper. So being  able to figure out a way to either change it or start over will only improve your final project.

These two pieces of advice really resinated with me because I think it is something that is hard to do especially when it comes to something that you are passionate about and tunnel vision can occur so easily when you are working. These lessons will help me stay on track and remind me to take a step back sometimes to look at the design as a whole.

I am excited for this semester and I can’t wait to see what it has in store.






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