Bitch Magazine’s Furniture

The folio and section flags of the magazine are rather similar in that they are both normally placed sideways throughout the print issues. By having the section heads printed this way it almost forces readers to turn their heads sideways to read them, which kind of a great effort made on the readers’ part, to be honest.

Ultimately the magazine does prove to have consistency, though, as the folio (e.g. “10 bitch”) is printed in the same direction as the section heads.

The other aspect of the folio, however, is easier to read (e.g. “fall 2018 no. 80” and “winter 2019 no. 81”), as it is not printed sideways, but printed upright directly at the bottom of the page in the middle.


The bylines of Bitch magazine are usually printed in either all caps or italicized. These are the only two ways the bylines seem to be printed throughout the publication.


The pull quotes are also typically printed in all caps, but along with being in all caps, they are also printed in color, so they especially stand out. You’ll see below that they have been printed in all colors from red and blue to white and yellow.


Bitch magazine’s dingbat can be seen below at the end of these two stories. Its dingbat is usually an encircled lowercase b. The lowercase b is in the same typeface that the magazine’s nameplate is in. The circle that the letter “b” is in is usually a different color depending on what the color of the page is. Since the color of the page that this story is on is purple, the dingbat stands out here in a white color. However, you’ll see that the other story is laid out on a peach colored page, so the dingbat is colored in black rather than white, because white would, of course, be rather difficult to see on a peach background.