My Love/Hate Relationship with Newspapers

My problems with news design all stem from it being quotidian. It is rushed out every day to the presses. How could innovative design exist in a frantic news room? Deadlines seem to trump excellent design. Also, it is uncomfortable to be designing, pouring yourself into something, that is disposable. The printed news for most is browsed and tossed. The life expectancy for news print is short. Even the clippings your mom puts under a magnet on the fridge turn brown and off color after a day or two in the sun. I love the idea of news being the 4th estate but my assessment of the daily newspaper today is that they do not inspire or deserve a reader’s love. Newspapers are not remarkable. News Design does matter, but it is fighting an uphill battle to earn the respect/attention of a reader beyond the half an hour spend browsing headlines.

However, I recognize the incremental and gradual innovations in News design. Shorter, more concise and aesthetically pleasing papers are on the rise. With asetetic beauty, more color, and abbreviated content, they are perfect for commuters and those without the time to spend an hour or two reading the full paper, cover-to-cover.

I love the headline typography that has emerged as a result of news design over the decades. The headline font “Rocky” created for Rocky Mountain News is very handsome and with their redesigned front page is a leader in beautiful News Design.

Rocky Mtn News

I have a love/hate relationship with News Design but am very excited to get my hands dirty. I am not totally new to print design, but certainly have a lot to learn.


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  1. I love the fact that you love and hate news design. I expect great things from you, Chris.

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