Bon Appétit: Color

Just because a magazine is on the simpler side, does not mean it lacks in color depth. Bon Appétit maintains a good balance in between simple and busy, by using pops of color and neat designs.

Neutral-colored copy with a neutral-colored peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The images of food throughout the brand are crisp and really pop. The photos might be edited by slightly increasing contrast and black point to achieve this look. I have not found a black and white image from Bon Appétit. Depending on what food is shown, the photo might not be as bright and play more on neutral colors.

Pops of pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow.

The other design elements throughout the magazine feature many different colors. These colors typically stay the same shade issue to issue, although some colors are added to a particular story or issue to connect text with photos. The most common color other than black is a bright yellow and even so, the yellow is still not overdone. Other reoccurring colors are: a sky blue, a bubblegum pink, a sea foam green, an orange, a light cream, and white. Sometimes red is used but not very often. These colors are all used for the same things on different pages, like text boxes, shapes, and display numbers. Yellow is the only color used for highlighting. Black and white are used as text. White is sometimes used for text boxes. The cream color reappears sometimes as a background color other than just white.

Yellow display numbers, a blue text box, black section header, and white text box.

The magazine typically stays away from muted or faded colors in both photos and designs.