Bon Appétit: Images

Bon Appétit is known for their clean, crisp, beautiful photos of food. The photos show all the texture–juices, flakes, and all–within a meal. But they use more than just photos and incorporate icons and illustrations into the stories. There is an image of some sort on every single page. Almost always the images are of food but sometimes feature tools used in the kitchen. Each story typically features several images, either that be multiple photos or photos and icons. Recipes are the only accept because sometimes they only have one photo of the meal.

Photos are always bright in color. Bon Appétit uses all different sizes of photos. They utilize full bleed, silhouettes, and smaller square photos. They do place type over full bleed images, either with circular or rectangular text boxes or just right over the image. Photos range from medium to tight, but rarely ever wide.

Bon Appétit commonly uses illustrations as well. Sometimes they are full illustrations of foods, like sandwiches, but are also arrows and icons. They have created human illustrations as well. These illustrations are line drawings that are always in two colors, either black and the background color or blue lines with white backgrounds. Arrows are typically black or yellow. Illustrations are used much less than photos and full food illustrations are used most frequently in the RSVP section.

Overall, the image selection and placement is done well to give the magazine’s its voice.