Cazenovia: A Breath of Fresh Air

Professor Strong began today’s discussion noting how she felt like she could breathe here. And as an even smaller town girl, I couldn’t agree more. The panel painted a quaint picture of Cazenovia with references to its history, community, traditions, and day-to-day life. This town was truly described as an ideal spot to live and raise a family. But there were important points made about what this perfect place is missing: An actual newspaper to inform and entertain the avid readers about life outside the community; a newspaper that refocuses global issues and makes them locally relevant.

I think to translate the content from today’s discussion into a successful newspaper for Cazenovians, the following issues should be addressed:

  • It seems as though the people would be interested in continuing to receive a weekly newspaper for a small price or a monthly paper for a little bit more.
  • This newspaper should include sections so readers can jump to information they care about.
  • Some sections might include: the art scene, profiles of the townspeople and local businesses, international news made local, family life and community events calendar, book reviews, school news, and history sections.
  • Because the current paper lacks design quality, it seems important that a new paper would be visually appealing and complement the content. And considering the town is fond of the arts, I believe they would appreciate a look that strays away from the typical newspaper grid.
  • Also, though the people made sure to note the town’s downfalls, I think ultimately the people here take pride in their community’s reputation and beauty. So most importantly, a newspaper should reflect this feel while still grounding the people in international and national concerns.