The Globe and Mail has a limited use of color. They’re nameplate is a bright, fire engine red, which catches your attention. They also have different shades of blue used throughout the paper on display text, graphs, and sidebars. I would say those are they’re main two colors. In a story on Target, they do have a large, red Target logo cutting into the body copy for a dramatic effect, and sometimes there is a small headline in red in display texts. Green can also be used as an opposing color if needed.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 1.47.08 PM

Orange is a color rarely used but occasionally it can be found in headlines and graphics accompanying stories. I think the Globe’s limited use of color is on purpose to give the paper a very civilized feel. Nothing is too bright. Nothing stands out as much as the red on the front page. This also goes for pull quotes. While the actual text is black, the graphic quotes are a dark, forest green. Again, not standing out too much, but just enough to illustrate their importance.

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The Globe Style is section of the paper about contemporary style and pop culture. Teasers and promos the part of the nameplate on this page are the same color as the pull quotes. This brings consistency and ties the paper together. The rest of the nameplate and the main headline is the same orange that is sometimes used in illustrations accompanying a story. This section seems to have much more liberty when it comes to color. In a page on makeup, there is a bright fusha that takes up most of the page. I suppose this is so because this section really isn’t news. When there is news, the copy goes back to being black text on a white page like the rest of the paper. I think this approach is smart because if it was the same as the rest of the paper, it wouldn’t really stand out as a different section. In a mess of (usually) depressing news, this section brings a light atmosphere with it and gives the reader a break from real-world issues.

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The same goes for the Globe’s Art section. This section continues the Style section’s light and breezy atmosphere by bringing in bright colors. Even headlines in this section can be two different colors.Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 1.36.57 PM

Overall, I think they’re use of color is very effective. The first pages of the paper are really bland, though. I think the Globe should maybe use more color even on their more hard-hitting news stories because it can entice the reader and urge them to read on. I think the style and art sections though, really reflect what those sections are about and serve the paper well.

Lauren Boudreau