To Access the Newhouse Galaxy Server:

• Go to the “desktop.”
• Go to the “control bar” and select “Go” and go to the bottom of the drop down window and select “Connect to Server.”
• In the text field labeled “Server Address:” type in:  galaxynh.
• Click on ‘Connect’ in the lower right hand corner of the window.
• After a second or two a new window will pop up prompting the user for a username and password.
• Enter the appropriate information provided below and you will be given access those areas of the server you are permitted to access.

Username: gra5871

Password: effects

Copy your assignment file/folder into the appropriate Assignment Drop folder.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When copying files from a Course Materials Folder, be sure to copy individual files and not the entire folder. Please also remember that the Galaxy server is provided for those students taking a specific course in the Newhouse School which has requested access to this system. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to disseminate the username or password for your account beyond those students enrolled in the class. Failure to comply with this can result in the account being disabled.  In addition to this, the server is not a “storage location” for personal data. All that should ever be stored on this account is information pertaining to the course for which the account was established.

All course folders are disabled and removed from the servers at the end of each semester. The decommissioning of accounts begins on the first day after grades are due to the Registrars Office. Students are encouraged to backup their data before the end of the semester to prevent any data loss.

Prof. Claudia