Dagens Nyheter: A1 and Covers

DN. A1_Covers


Dagens Nyheter is a compact/tabloid newspaper, which is usually half the size of a broadsheet. Following the trend of down-sizing newspaper, DN changed to the compact format around 2004. I think this format really works for the newspaper because the look really fits in well with the size. Looking at the newspaper online, some of its cover pages look like a magazine with the use of large visuals and clean/simple design.

DN follows a five-column grid on most pages with exceptions of covers, special sections and columns (which are usually three-four columns).

Modular Design
The newspaper is a modular designed one. It’s easy to navigate and the use of rules helps guide the eye through the flow of a story and other element. The design elements are consistent and it’s easy to get familiar with them.

DN. Grids

The purpose of A1 and the covers is to introduce the reader to the contents of the newspaper. DN does this beautifully, giving the reader a glimpse of the story. The main story or a story that might interest readers is highlighted with large visuals, usually a really good photograph. The cover of the STHLM is different from A1 and definitely stands out as its own distinct newspaper of sorts.

Design Elements
The nameplate and the promos right under it are consistent in most issues, but there are some exceptions in DN Weekend where they might be done away with or are larger taking up more space. There are at least five-seven article snippets/promos at the bottom of the page under the main story promo (with its large image). Sometimes, even these smaller promos have a photograph with it. The main story promo takes up most of the space with a bold two-deck headline and around 50-100 words of the story. For the STHLM cover page, it’s usually a large image of the main story with a headline and a pull quote, and then little promos of other stories in the section. They usually follow a ‘table of contents’ formula, the headline and page number.

Organization and Hierarchy
The elements are organized in a sort of inverted pyramid (starting below the promo bar). The most important element gets top slot and a big area, while your eye moves from the right to the left for the smaller snippets at the bottom. The type size and the size of the design element all dictate and signify the importance (or readership interest) of a story in the newspaper.

Feel/ Tone/ Attitude and Implicit Message
I love looking at DN, it’s really lively. I’m getting used to the design elements and why (I think) they are where they are. The A1 is really easy to navigate and most of the highlighted articles are stories that are local, issue-based or something that can relate to a lot of readers. From the design alone, I somehow feel like I’d be getting very straightforward, clean news through the content in DN, because the design follows the same rules.

Photos / Visuals
DN isn’t afraid to use large visuals. Their photographs are really good and some even spread over two pages. The visual elements in most of their packages play a strong part in pushing the story forward. For me, while choosing the newspaper for class, the visuals and photographs were one of the first things that caught my eye and it is one of the reasons why I picked DN.