Design is Essential

This past week in GRA 587, I was reminded how important it is for a news publication to have a defined identity. I recognize how crucial an identity can be for a magazine, as it determines not only the concept and content of the articles, but also the photographs and design aspects used. Colors and typefaces can give the magazine a completely different feel depending on how they’re used. As I have learned in GRA 217, the design of a product decides its fate. A magazine or newspaper could have the best articles from the finest writers across the world, but if it lacks form it will lack function and lose attention from readers.

As I’ve quickly learned at Newhouse, graphic design rules media. Although often unappreciated, graphic design is the reason we notice publications in the first place. The aesthetic appeal of a magazine or newspaper can completely make or break the publication. Now that I understand that design is essential, I feel like I am finally capable of taking on the world of communication.