Design Should Be Prepared

When learning about design over bootcamp this summer, I never really realized how fully prepared one must be when setting out to design something. I knew that you had to come with something prepared, perhaps a sketch or two, but the concept of having the idea already drawn out to the last detail was something I was unfamiliar with.

When Ken Harper reiterated this throughout bootcamp and then in News Design as well when referring to the Front Page Africa project, it really stuck with me just how prepared one must be when embarking upon a design project either for yourself or for someone else. You can’t just come with ideas or something that you “like.” You have to be the one to take charge of those ideas and lay them out on paper. As Prof. Strong said, it may look good in your head but it may not come out the same when you actually lay it out.

It’s something that I really want to focus more on as I begin to design more. I want to be prepared and not question myself or my skills when I’m designing–but know that there’s a reason behind my choices. Designing should be like math, there should be a solution or equation to get there. It may not always be as easy as one would assume, but if you take the time and effort to get there, you can only see your design get better.

Natalie Caceres