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While infographics are nothing new (if we were to compare them to a food group, they’re basically the ‘Kale’ of the design world), coming up with inventive ways to tell the story of this information is always a challenge. In a recent interview with the Society of News Design, the Times of Oman Infographics Director Antonio Furach discussed the particular challenges that came with their recent infographics celebrating the lives of Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., challenges such such as how to think outside the straight timeline, what types of symbolism to use for men so well known and what information is really the most important. The main gist of the article however is that infographics are here to stay and they not only complement a written story but oftentimes are the most effective way to tell certain stories. (read the full article here: http://www.snd.org/2014/01/infographic-case-study-times-of-oman-incredible-i-have-a-dream-visualization-and-some-others/)


Times of Oman A08 AND 9


The design-centric website, DesignWorkLife, recently published an article detailing what they believe will be the new trends of 2014.

After reading through it, I believe they do have a good grasp of what are design trends as far as the digital arena goes, flat design (think iOs 7), scrolling within webpages (the “crack-cocaine of web design), on demand menus, sticky navigation, fixed headers, as well as micro-storytelling and macro-multimedia storytelling (think instagram and vine versus The New York Time’s Snowfall or Nat Geo’s Killing Kennedy. The article also touched on the promise of how design will work in the future, not just digital design but environmental design-, according to the article, “Design is about to move off the screen and out into our environment space.” Get ready for a future straight out of Her. (read the full article here: http://www.designworklife.com/2013/12/31/digital-design-trends-to-look-forward-to-in-2014/)

Newspapers Doing Awesome Things:

The Grid The Grid_4 tumblr_m4jax1dh1K1qzn0rbToronto’s THE GRID: The design reflects the mission of the paper, it is a ” fresh, accessible voice for Toronto… that captures the vibe and energy of the city.” 

Politiken Politiken_front_page politiken.750

Denmark’s POLITIKEN: The design is the opposite of boring. Using bold typography, captivating photography, an easy to understand grid, and vibrant colors, this Danish paper is anything but stodgy.

Just for Fun: The Guardian recently launched a print magazine on Things To Do. It saw a need in its audience and filled that need. Check out the killer design, very colorful, very fun, and very intuitive. See the new design here: http://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2014/january/do-somethin. (Check out the interactive cover here: http://www.spd.org/2014/01/welcome-to-spdscover-of-the.php)


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