Esquire Magazine’s color palette is very dominant. They use bold colors to convey sophisticated masculinity. Their body copy is rarely any other color than black or white. Esquire’s color palette aims to a  to grab the reader’s attention to something important or to create movement through the page.
The typography within the magazine is mostly black, for headlines, subheads, and text. The typography is varied with boldness or the thinness and this is very important to their use of color. They will use red and blue to label sections within sections and headings of the magazine.

They use colors to create distinctions between stories. One story will a 3 color hierarchy typography, while the next one only has red and black typography. They’ll also use them as dividers in between text that might be too cramped in some instances.Their use of color is mainly to create eye movement and the color palette provides a consistency. Esquire mainly uses primary colors. Men like dominant things and they tend to use these primary colors to do so. They tend to use color with ease.