Esquire- Space notes

Esquire Magazine has been designed for the elite man. The magazine is released monthly with an average page count of 115 pages. Compared to the average page count of a women’s magazine this sizes are small but this page count works because it’s a men’s magazine. The magazine is also not as cluttered as a women’s magazine. The magazine has picked out issues and topics that would appeal to a man’s mind.

The trim of this magazine is 50 by 69 picas, the bleed is 52 by 70 picas with a gutter allowance of 1.2 picas. The measurements show that this magazine designed with normal magazine standards. This format works for the magazine especially since the magazine seems to be aiming for simplicity and style. The gutter is 0.7 picas all around the pages of the magazine. The photos are the only things in the magazine that bleed off the page sometimes.

The magazine has made an effort to make good use of the white space on the pages in order to not overwhelm the readers. They adapted to the fact that men don’t want to read too much or be overwhelmed. The pages with articles have mostly articles and maybe a pullout quote and a photo allowing everything to be legible and simple. The magazine typically has 10 articles and typically featuring four feature stories. These pages for the stories follow the same principle of simplicity also.

The designers and photographers seem to work well together on choosing photos that would blend will with pages. They make sure to place photos with white space on pages with long articles making everything blend effortlessly. Although, pages with articles have one or two photos other pages are filled with photos that bleed off the page but not in an awkward way. The use of excess photos works especially with their target audience. The magazine also found a great way to make list. Instead of the lists being words or piled up photos of lists. The editors chose to neatly placed with the typography placed subtly above the photos.

The organization and simple use of space made these issues amazing. There is a clear understanding of everything happening in the magazine and this is where some magazines fail and Esquire excels.