Essence Mag: Field Notes| Color

This image represents Essence use of color in their nameplate.

Essence Magazine varies from issue to issue but, in general the publication is full of colors, especially on the front cover and section front. The Essence nameplate color changes per issue. Within the publications, the headlines, sub head, and body copy remains a consistent in the color black throughout the issues. Extra leading is added to some of the words/sentences to show hierarchy.

An example of Julee Wilson’s “Dope Stuff On My Desk”

Readers can really find Essence’s use of color in their photography and commerce pieces. For example, Essence Fashion and Beauty Editor Julee Wilson has a portion in each issue called, “Dope Stuff On My Desk.” This commerce piece always come with an aesthetically pleasing layout of items that are favored by the editor. The fun play of creativity and color is seen in this layout along with other layouts within the publication. The feature stories in the magazine use less color and probably to help readers focus on the content.

Overall Essence use of color adds beauty to the photography and emphasizes the elegance and beauty of the work Essence presents to their audience.