Field Notes – Conclusion

Through studying The New York Times over the past semester, I’ve developed a sort of respect for the newspaper. Before, I felt that the newspaper was bland, boring, and dated design wise, but through studying the publication, its clear its come a long way design wise and the bland design they are sticking to is based on principle and not lack of effort.

NYT is devoted to their reputation of providing hard news to their readers and this is reflected in their no-frills design. But that is not to say that aren’t willing to make changes. Their website is a huge example of this. Although the website may seem blande, it utilized the latest web features – such as pull out navigation, slideshows and more. They were able to incorporate all of this without losing the integrity of their serious, no frills design.

latest paper first issue

When compared to other newspaper, the NYT may seem like its not willing to take any chances, but when you compare how it looks today to its first issue, it becomes clear that the newspaper has made necessary changes and is just sticking to its guns on certain standards. They want to be known for their hard news – which means they will only print in black text and adhere to their strict type scheme.

I can appreciate their resolve in the face of more innovative newspapers that challenge design conventions.

Noelle Devoe