Field Notes: Parting Thoughts

Analyzing Wired this past semester was not just a positive experience, but it was a positive experience that allowed me to realize and appreciate the power of design even more than I had before.  Prior to this class I had only known Wired as a technology magazine that had “that funky nameplate.”  After being able to analyze both the publication’s content and design in-depth, I now have a greater sense of news design as a whole.  Being able to apply and see what we have learned in class in an actual publication makes my understanding of news design that much better then it was before.

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Wired’s printed product is truly, as cliche as it sounds, a work of art.   While it strays away from your traditional news magazine, it delivers information in a fun and exciting way that makes readers want to read.  Moreover, technology and science can be complex and boring topics, but Wired does a great job of simplifying this information and making it easy for readers to understand–whether it be through graphics, such as infographics, or photography.  The overall design of the magazine fits its quirky personality, especially with all the graphics it includes in the publication, as well as the cleaver headlines of each article.  I think the publication could improve its website because there is a lack of consistency between its digital and print.  While the printed product accurately reflects the unconventional and unique content and design of the magazine, the website does not do this as well.  The website is kind of bland and does not give Wired justice in representing it as the well-known and prestige magazine it is.