Field Notes: Inside Público

Público is broken down into 12 sections, plus an addition called P2 which is made up of 4 sections. The Saturday and Sunday edition vary slightly by eliminating P2 and adding additional sections.

The 8 daily sections include Destaque (highlights), Portugal, Economia (economy), Mundo (world), Local Porto (local port), Classificados (classifieds), Desporto (sports), Espaço Público (public space), Cultura (culture), Ficar and Sair (shown as two separate sections but basically gives schedule and time of events such as movies and television) and Possoas (people).

Additional sections in the Saturday and Sunday issue include Caras da semana (face of the week), Retrato da ongoing (ongoing picture), Crisis da divida (debt crisis), Entrevista (interview), Mundo breves and Local breves (world and local briefs) and Jogos (games).

The regular sections are all generally laid out the same way. They differ a lot from the A1. Full stories appear on the pages. They also often include additional elements like graphs and sidebars. When it comes to overall design, the different sections generally maintain the same style.

The P2 section differs from the A1 and the other inside sections. I couldn’t figure out all the translation, but my guess is that P2 is the arts and entertainment section. The A1 of this is a lot bolder and adds a lot more color and dimension. The fonts and overall design style remains and looks consistent with the rest of the publication, even though there is definitely variation. I really love how they transform their basic design foundation to help differentiate this section. So simple and effective.