Field Notes: Photography in Der Tagesspiegel

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Nearly every photo in the newspaper is modular with only a small chance of photos that have fitted text. Each photo has a strong human presence, that is, photos that feature a person as the main subject/focus. There are occasionally other photos – flags, buildings, etc – but they focus more on putting a face to each story.

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Each section of the paper has a strong photo to coincide with the feature article. This typically is a very bright photo – perhaps to contrast with the papers otherwise very black & white design. This is very interesting to me as it seems to be the best compromise of having the traditional black and white design of papers such as The New York Times yet still be able to include very bright colors to draw the eye. I still wish they would include more color in the design as a whole, however. They also don’t seem to have a strong dislike of portrait oriented photos, using them multiple times throughout the paper.
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There is an even mix throughout the paper of images that are wide and feature the subject in a smaller capacity as there are photos that are close-up and have the subject dominate the scene. There is a broad mix of photo techniques that they apply, such as motion blur, leading lines, and framing that help not only catch the eye but also lead the eye to the story.

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Nick Schmiedicker