Field Notes: Publico Color

As far as color goes for Publico, the publication seems to use red 90 percent of the time while using other accent colors the rest. Red is a powerful color and catches eyes of the reader. i think it was a great choice for the magazine. it also goes very well with black. One problem with red is tends to attract a lot of attention, thus stealing it away from other colors. This is the reason I see that they may have not used other colors as frequently. If they were to have a color palette that utilizes the other colors a often as red, it may have seemed a bit distracting. Thus, they let red take center stage while using orange and some shades of blue, purple and green to support.


I’ve noticed that some of their cover images have the red in them. And when this occurs, red and black seem to be the only colors on the page. THis could be a simple tactic to get the reader better focused on red and it’s association with the story.


Out of the 10 percent of other colors used, I would say a good 6 percent goes to orange. I’ve seen pattern in orange. it’s used a lot on the cover when red isn’t and the paper also incorporates a lighter shade of orange as a background for their promo text boxes.


I think the soft orange works well because it is not too far from red, therefore not too distracting.

Chris McPherson