Field Notes: The Los Angeles Times_Website

The overall design of the Los Angeles Times website is consistent with its print version. The LA Times online is simple and easily navigated. All of the pages, homepage included, have the same web layout.

When you enter the LA Times website by way of the homepage, the same nameplate you would find on the print version, greets your near the top left corner. Unlike its print partner, however, the nameplate isn’t center stage at the top of the page. But that doesn’t take away from its familiarity with readers because it is clearly visible.

There really isn’t special attention given to typography or color (like with special sections in the print version).  But the Times does give you a touch of their signature color red in certain places, such as time stamps on posts and small site markers.

All the pages have the Los Angeles Times nameplate near the top left corner, with the simple reversed-type navigation bar directly underneath it. The nav bar is always followed by a horizontal ad. Each page displays the top story of the moment with a medium-sized square photograph and brief deck. To the right there is always a column of “related posts” for a reader to continue with if they see fit.

Subsequent sections of the LA Times online, such as Sports, Entertainment, Health, Business etc, aren’t given any special treatment as they would be given in the printed version. The only distinction different sections are given online is the section head placed next to the Los Angeles Times nameplate at the top of each page.

I will say that the content on the print version for a specific day does match what is posted on Los Angeles Times website. In certain cases, the headline on stories may be similar or exactly same as the print version. This feature, to me, makes it easier for readers to transition from print to web. A MAJOR plus for the publication.  Although, given the speed of the internet, headlines ( especially on the homepage) may change according what timeliness news break has occurred.