Field Notes + Today’s Zaman’s Website

This week, look at your publication’s online presence. Critically analyze and evaluate its overall design, with a special emphasis on the home page and second-tier pages. Discuss the various elements and the design choices involved (and whether they work or don’t), including color, typography, image and video use, links, navigation, grid, layout, types of content, etc. Also discuss how the site’s design compares to the printed product.


Today’s Zaman’s online presence is different than their print presence. The website, like the paper, (in my own personal opinion) has an old-school design presence (and not in a good way. The way their verticals are set up, the promos of stories, the photo selection is all very old-style and busy. My eye does not know which direction to go immediately on the home page and is overwhelmed by the rotating lede stories, the unyieldy gray sidebar, the oversized social media links, and the lack of organization and hierarchy.

The grid system used, I assume a 9 column grid is adhered to fine, but the rules used to divide content are far too busy and distracting. I believe there are too many verticals and that they lack a strict connection to the interior of the print product. The images used are often low quality with pixelated pictures, and I have no clear idea how the content on the homepage is curated.

As for the secondary pages there is either too much content or not enough. In all the site appears far too cramped and busy.

The few elements I like are their color choices and their accent fonts which have a clean modern aesthetic. However the aesthetic does not match in the least to the rest of their publication (their logo, the bright red used at the header, and the distracting rules and awful gray used in the sidebar and at the top).

Honestly their print product and website connect, only in that I feel they are both poorly designed.