Field Notes – Website

The New York Times website, after its recent redesign, is truly an extension of their physical newspaper. The website executes the same design choices it uses in its newspaper – all black text, colorful images, Cheltenham for headlines and Georgia for body text.

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Even the navigation links are hidden away behind a menu button and when they display, they are black, just like the sections of the newspaper.

The website also incorporates navigation buttons on its full story pages that bring you to the next story, kind of like turning a page of the newspaper itself.

But of course, some allowances needed to be made for the web. For example, the comment link color (which is not featured in the newspaper for obvious reasons) is red on the newspaper to distinguish it from other text. It’s also a sans serif type face.

Overall, NYT’s website is rather bland, but it fits with the newspaper’s aesthetic and reputation perfectly. No nonsense or distractions – just simply news. Because the newspapers’ audience has grown to expect this from the NYT, I think that the website’s design works very well.


Noelle Devoe