Assigned 2/16; due 2/22 by 2 p.m.

Go on a hunt to find all the regular elements your publication uses. Some designers call this “the furniture,” or the standard, pre-designed elements you use each week. I am not referring to the departments or stories or content, rather the smaller elements used over and over in a publication that allow for the presentation of the content or provide navigational markers—everything from captions to pull quotes to folios, and labels, drop caps, jump elements as well as different types of headlines, etc. Think of it as the kit of pre-designed parts at the disposal of the designer. It might help to refer to your text as well. The more you find and discuss, the better your grade. FYI, this entry is worth more than the others.

Your entry should define each term and include at least one critical observation about your particular publication’s approach to that element. You also must show us an example of that element as it is used/appears in your publication. Do not merely describe the design.