Assigned 1/21; due Monday 1/23 by 5 p.m.

We’ll begin with a study of space. For this entry, you will discuss the publication’s format, grid and content organization.

Format: Your discussion and analysis should include the publication’s platform (print/tablet), its format (magazine, newspaper or book), its physical dimensions, its frequency (or publishing cycle) and average page count—but also why you think those choices were made and whether they are appropriate and successful or not.

Grid: Your analysis and discussion should include margin size (all four sides), number and width of columns of text (this might vary, so be thorough), and the width of gutters. Your goal should be to get exact measurements in picas (print) or pixels. You might have to dig around the internet, or measure it yourself (I have a pica pole you can use), or call up their design department and ask. (I find that if you’re polite and respectful of their time—especially deadlines—most people are more than happy to answer a few questions if they know it’s for a class project. You might also ask if it’s all right to call again in case you have more questions later in the semester.)

Content organization: Your discussion should include a list of departments/sections and regular features as well as where they appear in the publication. (For examples, I’d like to see the index or table of contents as well as anything else you want to show.)

Layout and white space: You’ll be learning a lot more about layout later in the semester, but for now your discussion should focus on an average story count per page or pages per story, depending on the situation. Also discuss any noteworthy use of white space.

Assessment criteria

• Adherence to guidelines

• Quality, depth and thoroughness of critical analysis

• Application of concepts learned

• Quality of writing