Assigned 1/26; due 2/1 by 2 p.m.

Explore how language and word use play into the personality of your publication, as well as the reader’s experience. Pay close attention. How are words used outside body copy? What do language and writing style add to the overall experience of the publication? This is not an exploration of typography, rather the words themselves and how they’re used. I do not want you to use terms such as “serif” or “sans,” or “italic” or “bold,” or refer to case or type families. Instead, cover things such as:

• Types of headlines used. Long and winding? Mostly hammers? Summaries always? Decks or no decks? Subheads? Etc. Also discuss tone of voice.

• Pull quotes. Are they used? Is there a particular style to them? Always attributed? Never? Self-explanatory or flirtatious?

• Cutlines and captions. Length? Content? Does it differ from that in written story?)

• Labels.

• Bylines and credit lines. What’s the actual phraseology and is it the best approach?

• Promos and refers. Are they conversational or more “newsy”? Long or short?

• Section/department/feature names. Straightforward? Generic? Creative?

I haven’t listed all the possibilities here, but do your best to really think about and point out how word use affects the content, design and reader experience of your publication.