Assigned 2/13; due 2/15 by 2 p.m.

This week, explore and evaluate your publication’s use of images. Pay close attention to two things: the images themselves (content, style) and how they are used on the pages. Discuss such things as type of image (illustration, graphic, photo), frequency, size, content, color. Pay close attention to patterns such as whether in photographs the subjects are in active or passive mode, and whether pictures tend to be wide, medium or tight (up-close) shots. Also take note of shape—are they rectangles or silhouetted or cropped into circles, etc.? Are photos superimposed onto one another? Is type placed directly on images? Are multiple photos used for a single story? Does every story use an image? In the case of illustrations, what artistic style are they? Is that style consistent over time and space? How often and when are illustrations used? In the case of graphics, discuss frequency and size and consistency of style. And, as usual, dsiscuss any additional observations and your critical analysis of image use by the publication.