fieldnotes/final thoughts.

Zaman newspaper has been a pleasure and a constant surprise to evaluate from its overall basics down to each Turkish word. As a magazine major, I’ve disregarded the art in news design in lieu of spending much time pouring over glossy-covered publications. What I’ve found—especially through completing my field notes on a foreign publication, is that news can be beautiful too.

Zaman’s nameplate still appears as the only design disconnect I take issue with. Its grid, organized to highlight available whitespace and accomadate large-scale photography, is rooted in colorful section folio with bright colors. Though these colors are used over and over again, from cover throughout inside pages, the nameplate remains a muted, aged orange and blue, more fitting of the traditional, private airs of Syracuse University’s branding than Zaman’s overall scheme. Yet the design of the nameplate incorporates elements that tie it in well with the publication’s aims, to lead the eye from the reversed-out symbol of “time,” to photography cut-outs that interact with the nameplate, to colorful heds and deks, and through featured stories. The flow of the overall newspaper is strong, allowing me to understand it.

Though Zaman lacks the overall sophistication of other foreign papers such as Portugal’s i newspaper (and who doesn’t?) in my opinion, its inventive use of bright colors and action filled leading photography make it a design-notable publication. While I was not able to translate much of the paper’s content, Zaman’s highly engaging nature, with the use of many sigs and small, colorful design elements, allowed me to get a true feel for the paper’s content.