“Final Thoughts” Reflection

“The importance of not being “married” to your work. I think the most frustrating thing for me was realizing that some of my designs didn’t exactly work or have a future, no matter how much I tried to tweak them. I would spend hours making a graphic illustration that just didn’t look exactly right or speak entirely to the story, and wouldn’t want to just scrap the idea for a simpler one because it had taken me such a long time to make.”

After reading through the “Final Thoughts” from last year, this point definitely resonated with me.  It is easy to become attached to a design after putting so much time and effort into the visual aspect.  However, as this student mentioned, great graphic design is not always created through complex illustrations.  Sometimes simple is better, and sometimes less is more.  It is crucial to give just as much weight and importance to the content of the story as you would the visual elements on a page.  Taking this lesson a step further, it is far more important to fully think through the concept and elements of your design before throwing text and images on a page.

– Alex Lo Grasso


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  1. Great lesson learned, Alex. I know that resolving some of my own toughest design challenges has involved starting from scratch or trying something completely different.

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