“Final Thoughts” Reflection

Many points caught my attention while I was reading this blog, but I will name a few that really resonated with me:

1. Not being “married” to your work.

As others have said, it is easy to dedicate yourself to a certain design and do all that you can to make it work. You will try to make it work  no matter what, and end up getting more frustrated that you can’t fix the problem. So you start to add things. I learned that simplicity is important in the introductory graphics course, and it is a piece of advice I always try to follow, even though I am tempted to add more into my design.

2. Taking chances.

Because I am not too experienced with design, I tend to doubt myself and be afraid of trying out new things when designing something. I overanalyze and think, “Maybe this color won’t look good” or “Nah that photo wouldn’t fit in well.” I automatically give up on an idea before executing it. So this semester I plan to take more chances with my work.

3. Keeping your viewer/reader in mind.

The point of the design is to follow a certain theme and relate to the audience. If you are not familiar with your audience, you will not create a successful design. Therefore, this ties in with the piece of advice about research; researching the audience will enable you to create an efficient design and know what strategies do and don’t work.


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  1. I think you probably found some confirmation on at least numbers 2 and 3 at SND, right? … Good lessons to learn, Samar.

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