Final thoughts

The National is very clean and organized. They have a very defined structure that gives a lot of coherence and consistency to the publication. The reader is definitely benefited from this because the elements are easy to identify and because of their consistency, readers know where to find the information they want.

The color choice and typefaces also helps for this, making the newspaper feel modern, clean, and attractive as well as interesting.

While their structure is a positive aspect of the publication, I think they could sometimes break the norms a little bit. They could do text wrap-ups, for instance, or special treatments for special news or features. This would break the norms but at the same time give something new to the reader and just innovate.

The National definitely knows how to work on the grid. The typeface choices are easy to read and their use of whitespace is very smart, which gives a god break for the reader’s eye. The National also has great photography.

Overall, the newspaper is very modern; I would say that’s its personality. They give a full comprehensive look at the news of the world, region and national coverage. It pulls off a sense of seriousness with a more casual feel by the use of the sans serifs.

I learned a lot from The National and I’m glad I got this newspaper. It’s very interesting to see the similarities and differences between a publication in the UAE and the ones I see here in the USA. I loved their mix of serif and sans-serif typefaces, their colors and, even though I do think they can innovate here and there, I like how structured and organized it is. This is definitely something that I tried to incorporate in my designs.