FN-WEBSITE-The Independent

The website of The Independent is http://www.independent.co.uk/ . It is just a very typical newspaper website without many surprises but has not big problems as well.

It looks much more colorful compared with the printed paper, which uses mainly use red for theme color. Though red is still in the nameplate, the rainbow colors right below it makes the red less stand out. The navigations are a little confusing, as the smaller navigations overlap the theme of the upper ones. In Addition, the similar navigations in fact link to different pages. The navigations stay in the same place in every page on the website, but readers cannot find any symbol that marks which section they are in now.


The printed version and the website are using different typefaces. The printed paper uses a special set of typefaces that are designed for The Independent, and the website doesn’t use those. Anyway, both of them read well. The typeface in the website still looks very elegant. I find the “most view” part little hard to read because the lines are too tight.


Promos on the homepage only run the headlines and some of them have pictures. The website uses a lot of photos for promos, but they never run too big. The biggest one is always the one on the very top. For some promos (just some, not all), it adds tags to them with the background color matching the rainbow navigation color. The headlines also match the tag color as well. However, I doubt how many people can actually remember what section those colors belong to, and because some of the colors are too alike, you can’t even tell the differences.

The Independent website also puts some videos on the homepage, but not very many. They have more videos in story pages that are related to the story. Photo galleries are very common and widely-used.

The home page changes its grids for several times, so it doesn’t look very well organized to me and the columns vary in width. Besides, it’s very annoying that this window pumps out all the time even if I’m just going through the homepage.