“Graphic design is power. Graphic design is responsibility.”

“Graphic design is power. Graphic design is responsibility.”

These statements by Professor Strong resonated within me after Monday’s lecture. They’re simple yet so true.

These two statements are closely related to another – with power comes responsibility; it’s a given. Frankly speaking, as a communications major, it often scares me, thinking of the amount of power I have in my hands as a journalist. The way we write or design messages have a direct influence on the audience that we are trying to reach. We are the ones who select and frame messages to the public. Accordingly, we have a great responsibility to provide accurate information.

I think the same goes for graphic designers. In graphic design, messages are portrayed through visuals – the layout, images, etc. In my opinion, visuals have a greater impact than just pieces of writings; graphic design has the ability to tell a story even without using many words. It also influences and shapes people’s minds. This is why it’s so powerful.

Hence, graphic designers must be meticulous in choosing appropriate design elements such as colors, placement, sizes, images and typefaces, depending on the type of message they want to present to the public. It is their responsibility to send a clear message through their work so that the audience can understand the intended meaning behind the design.

Hopefully, I’ll be reminded of these statements throughout this semester to become a responsible graphic designer, who will be able to create work that will send a clear message and positively influence the audience.