Hyrule Historia – Color

The colors of Hyrule Historia stay within a somewhat earthy palette, consisting of various shades of greens and browns, with black being used for the majority of body copy.

Most of the pages in the book are tinted a light brown, a pattern that resembles parchment. The color brown is also used as labels for certain elemen’s on the page, and also a different shade of brown is used for text captions for some of the concept art.

Green is a color that is used not only for the cover of the book, but also for text denoting comments from the designer, as well as some accent furniture, like the lines used throughout the second section with the timeline. Some of the other headers for information scattered across the pages are in a brownish red or greenish blue.

Black is used frequently in the book, the majority of which is text. Most of the body copy and headers are all in black, as well as the furniture that separates elements on a page. There are also black pages that serve as section dividers.

There are obviously many different colors in the book that are presented in the many illustrations that fill the pages, and these vary depending on the specific game that the section is dealing with. Earlier games and those involving toon Link, for example, are much more bright and vividly colored than the much grittier Twilight Princess.

In general, the book keeps to a set color scheme that reflects the medieval fantasy mood that it’s going for.