Reading the “Lessons Learned” posts from the last cohort of Publication Design students was extremely helpful in preparing myself for the semester ahead. Some of the most common themes that leapt out at me from the different reflections were as follows:

GRIDS: Practically everyone emphasized how useful they found grids to be in the process of creating their publication. I haven’t done a big project on InDesign since VIS 207 so I’m looking forward to re-learning how to get back on my grid game this semester.

OFFICE HOURS: Many previous students spoke about the importance and value of going to Prof. Strong’s office hours to get additional feedback or advice on something they were struggling with. I think office hours are always a good idea and especially since I’m still in the beginning stages of using Creative Cloud and learning the principles of design, I will try to make it a priority to seek extra help when I need it.

MEET THE DEADLINES: I know myself and I know I tend to procrastinate, and I’m also a slow-worker, two things that don’t go very well together. So I’m going to try to be extra aware of meeting each deadline and working to re-design each piece as we move through the semester so I hopefully don’t fall into a pit of despair at the end of the semester.

BE OPEN TO FEEDBACK: Though I know feedback is a crucial component of the creative process, it’s difficult for me to separate my feelings from the work. I often leave critiques feeling down, so I know this is an area of growth for me. It was comforting for me to read that previous student have felt the same way and have actually learned to enjoy group critique sessions.