Lessons learned, late but not forgotten

I’m excited to be taking the courses in design that I have chosen, such as this Publication Design class, although I’ve been off to a rocky start thus far. Upon reading the lessons learned from previous years, I’m both more nervous and excited about what the future is to bring. Here are my top 3 takeaways from what I read:


  1. Don’t save everything until the last moment: I have a hard time prioritizing at home when I get overwhelmed, so this point really stuck out to me. I need to make sure to keep on top of things in order to make sure this doesn’t happen. As several people have said thus far, “Its a marathon, not a sprint.
  2. Office hours are EXTREMELY important: I most certainly will be taking advantage of these, as I try to always maintain an open line of communication with my professors. I’ve even made a note on my phone about the different times that office hours are available.
  3. Accepting critique, yet knowing when to say no: This one was interesting to me. Growing up, we have been conditioned to take “critique” simply as things we must change about our work and ourselves. Instead, some of the lessons that were taken by other classes were to understand the critique but know that the design is ultimately yours. If you feel strongly about your decision, argue for it, fight for it, and explain why you chose it rather than simply following someone else’s advice. They do not know exactly what you are trying to do, so it could or could not work for the overall product. Keep that in mind.