Lessons Learned-Reflections

GRIDS: Reading the lesson learned post helps me grasp how important grids are in creating my work. I am under the impression that grids can make or break your work. Or, in better terms, they can be the difference between having a page look messy vs. polished.

GO TO PROF. STRONG OFFICE HOURS: Seeing Prof. Strong during her office hours can make this publication design process easier. That also, if I am going to come to Prof. Strong’s office, I need to have some work to show her. This way she actually knows that I’m trying to succeed by myself before coming to ask her for help.

GIVE MYSELF TIME: In order to be efficient and productive in this course, I have to give myself time to finish the work. Procrastination will not be my best friend in this course. The work can seem a lot when you’re not abiding by deadlines.

DESIGN IS THOUGHTFUL: There is no such thing as just designing a page and calling it “pretty.” There needs to be an idea or a reason why something is done. Being pretty isn’t enough.

PRINT: Printing is helpful when getting an idea of what your final prototype will look like. It is one of the most accurate tools at our disposal.