Esquire Magazine Cover

I will attempt to address the following topics as they pertain to the cover of Esquire Magazine.

    The format of the publication, including size. (Might require some digging around.)

  • 8.5×11 inches
  • What, if any, grid format is used?

  • There is no clear grid installed on this layout.
  • Whether the design is modular or non-modular.

  • The design is definitely modular. It includes a celebrity, actor, or athlete in b/w placed dead center over stylized type.
  • The function/purpose of the front page/cover. (How is this page different?)

  • To attract attention. To generate intrest and preview the contents of the issue. To advance the branding of the magazine.
  • What specific design elements comprise the page.

  • Model photo, nameplate and several promos under the flag.
  • How is information organized.

  • Headlines are laid out behind the model shot.
  • Hierarchy among elements.

  • Nameplate reads first. The face of the nameplate reads after that. The line above the name plate and that surround the person are secondary.
  • The “feel” or tone or attitude of the cover/front page.

  • Very cool, modern, and fashionable
  • What implicit message it sends about the content and about the publication.

  • The contents of this will make you less of a loser.
  • What role photos and other visuals play.

  • They are great at establishing credibility for the publication as fashionable and hip.
  • How consistency is maintained from issue to issue or edition to edition.

  • The name plate is always the same size, location, and typeface. The main image is always a large centered black and white figure.