Olsen – Blog #1

When registering for classes for this semester, this is the one that I was most excited about. Other than the quick six week’s of boot camp, this class will be drastically different than what I’ve done so far at Newhouse. Though I know that design will be challenging, I think it will teach me to look at media in an entirely new way.

In our last class, we talked about how in good design, all choices are intentional. Though it makes sense, I’ve never really thought about design in that way. I have an ultimate goal that I’m shooting for when I design, but sometimes I play around with things and when I find something I like, I’ll just roll with it. I think this class will teach me how to be more precise in the different things that I try, and also understand the choices that I make.

Overall, I’m excited to learn how to take the different elements of a layout: text, advertisements, photos, graphics and everything else, and create something that people enjoy to look at. I believe this class will teach me how to approach a layout that contains each of these elements, and incorporate them into an aesthetic design.