Penalva: Blog Assignment #1

After yesterday’s class, I have found myself thinking about Cazenovia and the ideas it represents.  Being from the CNY area, I am familiar with this quaint little town and all that it has to offer: world class restaurants, picturesque views, “upscale, yet rural,” and hometown to the food network star Chef Anne Burrell.  At first, the typical magazine cover came into my mind as a possibility for our upcoming assignments–the name Cazenovia written in a script typeface with a picture of the lake surrounded by fall foliage.  Yet, I found myself thinking, “That’s what people would expect.”  So, my challenge to myself was to be creative and deviate from the typical, yet still maintain a professional look and feel.  I don’t want to create some magazine that looks like everything else on the AAA travel brochure holder.  Finding an aspect of Cazenovia that is under-appreciated and waiting to be discovered is something that is important to me for this assignment.  I want to be able to finish this semester with a quality piece of work that can be classified as both artistic and news design and a great piece to add to my portfolio.