I wasn’t sure what to expect from this class. As someone with a background mostly in writing for news, I’ve always been intrigued by news design, but had no idea ideas in that field came to be. The first class clearly laid out a path that I hope to follow – news design is a type of journalism, and good design has a purpose and place in the media today.

The first class didn’t answer all my questions, of course, but I think it definitely started to get my idea in the right place it needs to be. Design isn’t just a pretty addition to publications. It has a purpose. Every decision made pertaining to design has a reason, and those decisions can either enhance or discredit the final product.

I was especially interested in the discussion on how, like it or not, design manipulates the mind of the person looking at it in a way. I’m hoping to do this in a way that will service the reader in a positive way, as well as make my media work stronger.

Andrew Petrie