Público Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed studying this publication (even though I didn’t understand the language!). It really allowed me to look at other forms of news design, and compare how European publications differ from American ones. Público is definitely more artistic than a typical American newspaper. It almost has a magazine feel to it, and takes more liberties with their style. They are focused on getting the news to their readers without overwhelming them. They keep their front pages simple, using lots of teases and visuals to draw their audience in. They rarely ever start a story on the front page which I think helps keep the design fresh and clean. The color also is simple as well. Their main colors are black and red, and they mix in around 4 other for teases and captions. The use of rules throughout the publication creates a really strong identity and helps the paper stand out from other publications.

The website more or less sticks to the same design principles, though it leaves something to be desired. It’s pretty busy and doesn’t have as strong a sense of design as the printed version. Even so, it delivers all the news it needs to and is fairly easy to navigate.

What was most fun for me to see in studying this publication was the redesign Público underwent. It was subtle enough that it was still obvious what publication it was, but the changes I think really helped improve the publication. For one, they added their web address to the nameplate, which in this time is essential to have an online presence. They also added another typeface which I think helped create a stronger sense of hierarchy and modernize the paper even further.

Overall, I learned a lot about news design from this assignment. It opened my eyes to other ways of laying out and organizing information. I found that when it comes to design, sometimes less is more, and that consistency can really help define an identity.